Pictures and Videos

Camp Labor Day Weekend, 2014
Holland, Michigan

Camp Labor Day Weekend Shabbat, 2012
Saugatuck, Michigan

Camp Labor Day Weekend Shabbat, 2011
Saugatuck, Michigan

Camp Labor Day Weekend Shabbat, 2010
Saugatuck, Michigan

Rosh Hashanah, 2009
Captain Daniel Wright Woods, Lake County

Camp Labor Day Weekend Shabbat, 2009
Saugatuck, Michigan

Camp Labor Day Weekend Shabbat, 2008
Saugatuck, Michigan

Camp Work Weekend, 2008
Saugatuck, Michigan

Sukkot, 2006

Rosh Hashanah, 2006
Rosh Hashanah

Labor Day, 2006
Saugatuck, Michigan

Pesach, 2006

Sukkot, 2005

Rosh Hashanah, 2005
Rosh Hashanah

Passover, 2005

Harvest Hanukkah, 2004
Kilmer school, Buffalo Grove

Labor Day, 2004
Saugatuck, Michigan

UMJC Conference, 2004
Boston, Massachusetts

Pesach, 2004

Labor Day Weekend Camp, 2003
Saugatuck, Michigan

UMJC conference / Israel tour, 2003
kulanu k'echad - all of us as one

Camp Work Weekend, 2003
Saugatuck, Michigan

Pesach, 2003

Harvest Hanukkah, 2002
Kilmer school, Buffalo Grove

Simchat Torah, 2002
Joy of Torah

Sukkot, 2002
Building a Sukkah Booth for Sukkot
(The Feast of Tabernacles; Leviticus 23:42).

UMJC Conference, 2002
July 29- August 4, Orlando, Florida

Camp 2002
June 29-30, 2002, Saugatuck, Michigan

Camp Work Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend, 2002, Saugatuck, Michigan

Harvest Hanukkah, 2001
Kilmer school, Buffalo Grove

Sabbatical_Year Torah Reading
Sukkot, 2001 reading of entire Torah.

UMJC Conference/Vacation Photos
Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, National Conference, Colorado, 2001.

Photos of our late night Torah study; Shavuot, 2001


Video clips:
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The Ten Words
Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church, 2007

Hanukkah Dancers
Kilmer School, Buffalo Grove, IL; December 1, 2002.

Work Weekend
Camp work weekend, Saugatuck, Michigan;
Memorial Day weekend, 2001.

In Saugatuck, Michigan; Labor Day 2001.